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Ceramic Supplies

People often ask where did you get that tool? where did buy your wheel?  My answer is The Ceramic Shop.  I use them for everything except clay which I purchase locally as it’s cost prohibitive to have them  ship to me. 

Their customer service is top notch.   I contacted them about the purchase of kiln shelves and they are one of the few companies that don’t need to send your kiln shelves by freight and that saved money and the  aggravation of not having a loading dock.  I bought my Skutt wheel from them after speaking with them that’s it’s a wheel that would be perfect for me.  Having some free time during the pandemic I decided to rewire my kiln.  I couldn’t find the thermocouple I needed.  So i sent Bryson an email,  I didn’t hear right back which is understandable there’s a pandemic after all.  He followed up after a couple of days saying the thermocouple I needed was now on their web site, he apologized for the delay as he was home for the birth of his child.  Can you top that.  I’d be remiss not to mention Heidi as she helped me recently.  

Please give them a try,  I’m  not being paid for this blog spot.  Just a thankful customer for good customer service and a good full service website.

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