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Coming Up With Ideas

When trying to come with new ideas for your pottery, here’s one way.  Look through ceramic publications, watch videos of other makers and find a pot that inspires you.  Now make a sketch of that pot, not sketch ten variations of that pot changing proportions, different types of rim, with without a foot, more details, removing details etc… Then pick out three of your favorites and do five to ten variations of those pots. I find more is better and I circle the ones I use for my variation.  Then I pick three of my favorites from those and make a list of what I like best from each one and make ten more sketches using some of all of those elements.  You now have about fifty ideas that are of your own designs save all the sketches for future reference.  I have a file on the computer just label ideas and categorized by type of pot.  

Ceramics/Pottery Publications

Here’re some of the Ceramics/Pottery publications that I’m aware of:

Ceramics Monthly

Pottery Making Illustrated

Studio Potter

Ceramics Now

Ceramics Art and Perception

Ceramic Review

Clay Craft

American Craft  ( American Craft covers ceramics as well as other arts)

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New Tools and Demonstration Link

I had recently purchased some additional decorating rollers from MKM Pottery Tools  Having used their rollers and decorating disks for years I’m very happy with their products.  (here’s the disclaimer I’m not  sponsored by or compensated by MKM Pottery Tools, I just like them and use them.

Hsinchuen Lin uses a variety of rollers to make some wonderful pots.  Here is an an example of one of his techniques You Tube Hsinchuen Lin.  Please subscribe and follow him on You Tube. He also has an Etsy page where you can purchase his pots and tools.

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