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New Tools and Demonstration Link

I had recently purchased some additional decorating rollers from MKM Pottery Tools  Having used their rollers and decorating disks for years I’m very happy with their products.  (here’s the disclaimer I’m not  sponsored by or compensated by MKM Pottery Tools, I just like them and use them.

Hsinchuen Lin uses a variety of rollers to make some wonderful pots.  Here is an an example of one of his techniques You Tube Hsinchuen Lin.  Please subscribe and follow him on You Tube. He also has an Etsy page where you can purchase his pots and tools.

Let me know if this was helpful and want  to see more like them in the future


Quick Tip Studio Aid

A forgotten tool for the studio is cotton swab, brand name q-tip or cotton balls.  Both are great for glaze application and clean up and can be used either wet or dry.   I tend to use both the cotton ball and the cooton swab to clean off the glaze residue that stays on the wax resist on my pots.

let me know if you use cotton balls and cotton swabs in your studio practice and what you use them for.  Let me know if you have any studios hacks you would like to share.  (use this link, contact)

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