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Quick Tip

Here’s quick Tip for using a cotton swab (Q Tip) When I’m trying to remove excess glaze from a foot ring (or any area of a pot) a cotton Swab (Q Tip)  works great. I usually use a dry swab but a wet one works best if the glaze has become dry.  Swabs are also effective to apply a small touch up of glaze to an area.  They can be cleaned carefully with water from a spray bottle.

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Useful Tools for Potters

There are two tools that all potters should be using no matter their skill level and or experience.  A sketchbook,  and a notebook.   Both should be of sizes that are easy to access and take with you .  If you think of an idea about what you want to make sketch it out, if you see a copy that you like sketch it out.  You can take photos and keep them in a folder and sketch it later.  The piece will be more your vision them just a copy.   Keep a list of what you want to make the amount the variations etc.  List wha glazes may look good on the piece.  

You note should keep your firing schedules, any variations the cycle when you start reducing if it’s a reduction firing. any soaks or holds you added.  

Make a list of each piece in the firing , what it was glazed with, any glaze combination and location in the kiln.  List what time the kiln was started the weather conditions, for example temperature in your kiln room, raining out side etc… Refer to your firing histories often.

So always keep these tools handy they are so much personal then a phone or a computer and being in touch with all processes can make you grow as a potter

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