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Pug Mill

I made the big leap and the new piece of studio equipment I purchased was a pug mill.  Basically a pug mill is an auger that will assist you in the reconstitution of clay.  Some pug mills will only reconstitute clay, while others will not only reconstitute but mix clay, deair clay by the use of a vacuum, which eliminates the need to wedge your clay.  The pug mill is a luxury piece of equipment that do cost several thousand dollars.  The benefits are recycling large amounts of clay in a short period of time, the elimination of the need to wedge clay and mix from dry clay may save your studio time in the long run (depending on the model purchased.  You may not be able to justify the cost, as they say your milage may vary.    

The major suppliers of pug mills in the states are Nidec, (Nidec-Shimpo).   

Peter Pugger, and Bailey.   All offer a range of  sizes and capabilities

depending on your studio needs.

Here are links to the manufacturers web sites

Nidec ( Nidec Shimpo)

Peter Pugger


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New Piece of Studio Equipment

Next week I will be ready to show and discuss a new piece of studio equipment.  It arrived a little sooner than expected so I will leave it at that and will have full discussion in the next blog.  If you have signed up all ready please do at the prompt at the home page or use the contact page  

South Mountain Spring Festival

I heard about South Mountain Spring Festival from Bill van Gilder’s newsletter,  it you are not subscribed you can do so at this link South MountainSpring Festival.  It happens Saturday and Sunday May 14, and 15 2022.  Here’s a map of the location s for the Festival.  Map

I down loaded the map from   I’ve mention Bill van Gilder a lot in my blog I really like all his knowledge and the great pots he makes.  He has a 

You Tube channel with a a great achieve of pottery videos. Link to Channel

He also has a newsletter that shouldn’t be missed Newsletter link  please look him up

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