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New Images

Hey check out the website there are new images and a new category; 

Ware For The Home, included are a variety of items for the home.   The image on the collection page are soap dishes and they are available by special order as anything else you may see.  Let me know what you think

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Some more resources ( Magazines and Journals)

Below are some links that will take you to Ceramic and pottery magazines and journals.  Some are international and one is craft and as several media including clay.  I encourage you to look for for them at your local library or subscribe, I find them all useful  and inspirational. (I am not affiliated with any of these magazines in the links)  If I have missed any or you know of others please contact me and let me know.   See you in the next blog.

American Craft

Ceramics Art and Perception

Ceramics Monthly

Ceramic Review

Clay Times

Pottery Making Illustrated

Studio Potter

Website Update

Soon I will be renewing my website and I will continue to use Format for my Website Hosting needs.  So I decide to update a blog posting as it is still relevant. You can skip to the number nine  what is new with Format. 

With all the choices for a website hosting the reason I decided to go  with Format is a variety of reasons.  

1. I feel its speciality is portfolios and as an artist that’s a big plus.  You can still have a top notch store and a blog but you can set it up as you see fit and what’s important to you and how it’s laid out.

2.  The number of templates and ease of use is tremendous You should be able to see exactly what you’re looking for.

3. Availability of support.  I haven’t had to use them, but when creating your site you can do a checklist to help you create a practice site.  One of items is too click on support and they are right there to help.  You also get some emails just to check in or make you aware of some other services.  

4  Looks great on either on the computer or mobile.

5 Depending which plan you sign up for, Format will create your site for you.

6  Free trial to start  see if you like them.  

7 They have an online magazine that may showcase your site.

8 Links to the major social media sites.

9.They have developed a “Workflow” section where you can have client galleries, easily transfer files to clients and offers area where contracts can be signed. 

10. There is a cloud storage area with up to 1000GB of additional storage 

11.   There also is a ” Prints Marketplace”   where you can sell photographic prints

While some of these are geared towards photographers I’ve found they can be easily adapted to just about any studio situations.  

I’m sure I forgot some reasons but I really have enjoyed using Format and creating a professional website with Format.   To let you know I am an affiliate with Format I would appreciate you using the link below to explore Format and what they have to offer.

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Using Format