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St Croix Valley Potters

Every year St. Croix Valley Potters have a studio tour and you can go visit the artists and buy so amazing pots.  Each location has multiple potters and it very cool.  Because of the pandemic the tour has gone virtual this year.  I’m not affiliated with this group but I was able to attend several years ago and have purchased virtually as well.  It’s very cool and a neat way to find some treasures to add to your collection.

Here is the link to the list of the potters as well as the  web stores Minnesota Potters participants or visit their web site Minnesota Potters

Stay tuned to Notes from the Studio as in the future I be talking about the importance of starting and maintaining a pottery collection.  Don’t forget to join my mailing list to keep up with all news or contact me with any questions.  

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Update On Clay Reconstitution

In my January 13, 2021 blog I spoke of getting some rough surfaces showing up when my pots dried from surface water soluble salts.  I wrote of several possible causes and  solutions.   I recently read where you can use a sponge with some vinegar and wipe them over the rough areas to correct the problem.  My experience has show this solution is some what effective and the results are varied.  But I have found while the roughness doesn’t go away in all cases.  Glaze adhesion is much better and may be worth trying.   Let me know if you have had similar results. Contact

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Glaze Firing

I recently finished glazing my pots and am in the process of loading the kiln. I glaze fire cone six in  a JD230 HD,  LL Kiln.  If you are interested in photos or videos of my glazing and firing process let me know.  By using my contact page and letting me know or if want a more detailed blog or vlog I can work on that.  In thew mean time I’ll be sharing the results of my firing in my blog as well as images on the website.  Thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to get on my mailing list.  See you in the next blog.  

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