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I wanted to update everyone when I mentioned last week that I use a KNK cutter to create my templates and patterns.  I also want to add a resource if you are interested in learning more about cutters and the 

Sure Cuts A lot software. is a great resource, it’s run by Sandy MacCauley who is very helpful and has comparisons of cutters and many links to resources for cutters and tutorials.  It’s a great site and Sandy will always get back to you. So check it out.  See you the next blog. 

This Past Week

This week went very quickly in the studio. Still working out the design process on some new forms and the patterns to go on the pieces that I started last week.  My process for this is I keep a sketchbook of ideas, patterns, notes to myself etc…   When I have the idea firmed up,  I work out the scale  and how the pattern will be incorporated.   I will then create templates using Sure Cuts A Lot software. Available from  

This software helps you create  a 2 dimensional template that you can use as a template for hand building or texture additions etc.  When I’m satisfied with the design I cut the template out in vinyl with a KNK Zing cutter.  Available at  Then I start the production process.  Over the years this process has been tweaked many times in many different ways.  If you have any ideas to share on your designing process use the contact page and I will add any helpful suggestions for our readers.

Thanks for stopping by and see you at the next post.

New Designs

With the heat of summer I tend to work on my studio tasks in the morning before the sun comes barreling down.  I’ll use the afternoon to sketch out new ideas, develop new forms and with variants that come out of that time spent.  Some these ideas are a line of bud vases and some soap dishes, look to see these on the web site as ideas start to firm up.  Come back again to see the progress and any up dates.  Thanks for visiting.

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