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Air Filtration Part 2 Continued

Several weeks ago I received animal from Chris Culhane , who works with with; a consumer advocacy website that provides reliable health and safety information.  Chris saw one of my posts and thought I had some useful information and resources,

He sent me additional information and I found it very useful and am returning the favor and sharing that information with you.

Silica is a mineral found in many common products and fine silica dust particles can penetrate the lungs, leading to a variety of health complications such as COPD, lung cancer, and more. Certain occupations such as construction workers, masons, and more are the most at risk for exposure due to their use of products containing silica dust.

Chris included some recently created a guide to silica dust to help educate others on the risks, where they can be found, and more. Please take a look:

I am also including our guide on silicosis, a lung disease caused by silica dust exposure for reference:

Here is additional contact information, I’m sure you will find it as useful as I have.  

Chris Culhane | Outreach Coordinator

1 S Orange Ave. STE 200  |  Orlando, FL 32801  

Let me know if you have any questions or comments

Air Filtration Part 2

This a repost from Notes From The Studio from February 2021. The reason for the repost I’ve recently been contacted with more information and  helpful resources about air filtration and the studio artist.  So instead of just doing that post I’ve decided to start with the original post and then do the updated version in the next post for an easier transition. 

Recently I read an article where lung cancer in non-smokers is increasing in the United States and people aren’t being tested for it as it’s generally not considered a risk.  As potters/ceramicists we may have an increased danger from free silica in our studios. 

We use a Molekular air purifier in our house.  We love it but it may not be heavy duty enough for the rigors of a studio.  (I’ll put the links below)

Bailey Pottery Ceramic  Supplies and Pottery Equipment sell air filtration systems.  (I’m sure other pottery equipment stores do as well I just haven’t researched them) 

Matthew Kelly Pottery uses Environklenz in his studio and speaks of it in a video.

An inexpensive temporary solution comes from Ask This Old House where they use a box fan and air filters for a solution in work shops.  

Keith Brown Maker of Things has several videos on his You tube Channel  Rag ‘N’Bone Brown  for dust extraction.  It’s a great DIY woodworking etc… channel.

Bailey Ceramic Supplies and Pottery Equipment

Matthew Kelly Pottery

Keith Brown Maker of Things “Rag”N”Bone Brown”

Ask This Old House Video

Please do your own  research, use the links below and find the solution best for your shop.  See You in the Next Blog

Showing Your Products In Use

Here’s kind of a simple idea.  When taking images of your pieces make sure to use some straight on images that show piece in a professional way with a simple background.  I prefer a gradated black background. Something that doesn’t defer from the beauty of the pot.  Also if the piece is functional consider taking an image of that piece in use.  Either way you choose remember to always have your piece be the star of the show and made sure it is highlighted

Let me know if you prefer any of these ideas have smoother ideas you have used let me know at Contact

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