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Hello: The Ken Horstman Studios Newsletter has been delayed as I’m redesigning the newsletter.   hopefully it will be coming out soon.Sorry or the inconvenience but I think everyone will be pleased with the results So check your e-mail. If You have signed up yet, go to and sign up at opening of the home page or go to my contact page and give your email address and that you want sign up for the newsletter

Quick Tip

Here’s quick Tip for using a cotton swab (Q Tip) When I’m trying to remove excess glaze from a foot ring (or any area of a pot) a cotton Swab (Q Tip)  works great. I usually use a dry swab but a wet one works best if the glaze has become dry.  Swabs are also effective to apply a small touch up of glaze to an area.  They can be cleaned carefully with water from a spray bottle.

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