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New Images

New Images are available and are on the Ware for Home Use Page.  If you are interested in any of these items Similar ones will be added to the store in the upcoming months.  Thanks for your continued support.  More news from the studio coming soon.

You Tube Channel Recommendation

One of The You Tube Channels I subscribe to is Ondo Studio.  It’s a Channel that shows variety of simple yet very clever projects you may not see any where else.  The Channel is not narrated so it sometimes takes a couple of looks to see all that is happened.  Any way check them out at the link below.  Let me know if you want to hear of additional You Tube channels channels or particular  projects of ONDO STUDIOS.



Happy New Years

Happy New Years and Welcome back  My New Years Resolution is too get back to my regular weekly postings.  So please come back weekly to see the news from the studio.

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