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Wax Resist

For the last several years I have used WAX ON from The Ceramic Shop it’s a water based wax resist.  It’s good for waxing the feet and lids of jars.  It has a purple color and WAX ON  will burn off in the firing process.  WAX ON can be a  little unforgiving when you make a mistake especially when using in the decorating process.

If your bottle becomes a little dry just add some very hot water and give it a shake and it will thin out.  Use caution with the amount of water you use as it’s easy to get thin but hard to thicken.  

The Ceramic Shop also has WAX OFF which is removable wax product that acts more like latex.  Use this link WAX OFF to find out more.  I have never used this product but sounds interesting.  WAX OFF must be removed before firing

The Ceramic Shop is not a sponsor of Ken Horstman Studios, but is a place I use my own money for many of my ceramic supplies.

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Promotional Ideas

Recently I made a purchase from an artist and included with the purchase was a postcard about the business, a business card.  But to my surprise written on the newsprint wrapping was the thank you note.  What a unique an inexpensive way to thank a customer/client.    I always enclose a thank you card for the purchase but I may be thinking of other ways to do do this in the future.  If you have any ways that you are thanking your clients or would like to see more ideas along these line ucse the contact page.  

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