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Good News

Good News Bill van Gilder has brought back his newsletter.  For those of you who aren’y familiar with Bill van Gilder, bill is a potter from Gapland Maryland.  Bill is very active making pottery and giving workshops.  Here is the link to his web site  Here you will find links to some of the tools he uses, some he has designed as well as a link to where you can get some of his glazes..  When visiting his website, make sure you lick the Shop icon to take you to his tools as the scroll down menu does not have this link.  Also make sure to check out Bill’s You Tube channel  Bill doesn’t post on  a regular basis but the archive is amazing and his techniques are wonderful.   Bill does a wonderful job explaining  his thought process and how to accomplish his techniques with some practice.   One of my favorites is how to alter flower pot top

I encourage you to sign up for his newsletter its very informative and inspirational here is the link.

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Keeping on a Theme

Keeping on the theme from the past several weeks here another article and video of how to use paper slip.  It is another way to attach and to repair your pieces.  This comes from Ceramic Arts Daily ( I’ve mention them before).  I will be speaking about all the great things that organization does in a future blog.  Enjoy the link below and use this link to contact me or to sign up for my news letter contact me 

Ceramic Arts Daily Paper Slip

Using Format