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You Tube Channel Suggestion

I am starting a series of You Tube channels that I subscribe to and suggest you give a try as well.  You probably heard e mention many of these before.  I don’t follow any one on any type of social media so with a little research you can easily find them.  

I’m not including any Bio info or why I enjoy these I think it’s best to watch several to see if it’s what you may find useful ib your studio practice 

First is Florian Gadsby

Link to His Main You Tube Page

Link to a recent video On Trimming a Vase and Talking Pottery Tools

Great Tips For The Ceramic Studio

Ceramic Arts Network by The American Ceramic Society and edited by Ash Neuhamm is a great resource for all things ceramics.  If you go to their website and use the Shop tab  you will see books, DVDs and downloads of page and pages of resources for the potter.  

One that is very useful is 100 Tips, Tools and Techniques for the ceramic studio,  I find that it’s a book that you can look at over and over.  It has various ideas such as Making your own simple aprons, one handed cut off wires, or making and using a ring slump mold.  You get the idea.

The Book is divided in five sections:

Sectin 1: Studio Set up

Serction 2 : Gadgets & Gizmos 

Section 3 : Making

Section 4:  Surfaces

Section 5:  Upkeep & Business

I’m not affiliated with Ceramics Arts Network  I do use many of their products and thought I would share some of them with you.

Ceramic Arts Network

The Ceramic Arts Network by the American Ceramic Society, is a great resource for all things ceramics.  There are daily tips you can have sent  to you or review at their site.  You can sign up for ICAN The International Ceramics Artists Network, Subscribe to Ceramics Monthly and/or pottery Making Illustrated.  There are Ceramic Recipes, CLAY Flicks and a Shop that has Books, DVDs and Downloads.  

Their website is easy to navigate so I did not bother to make links to any of the topics.

(if you would like to have links included let me know Contact Page)   I’m not an affiliate of the Ceramics Arts Network but I like to share resources I use.  

Any Questions Let me know 

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