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Promotional Ideas

Recently I made a purchase from an artist and included with the purchase was a postcard about the business, a business card.  But to my surprise written on the newsprint wrapping was the thank you note.  What a unique an inexpensive way to thank a customer/client.    I always enclose a thank you card for the purchase but I may be thinking of other ways to do do this in the future.  If you have any ways that you are thanking your clients or would like to see more ideas along these line ucse the contact page.  

It’s Pottery Tour Time again

Every year St. Croix Valley Potters have a studio tour and you can go visit the artists and buy so amazing pots. I’m very excited as I just got my yearly mailer and it’s always gets the travel bug juices flowing.  Also this year there is an article called Potteryland in the Spring 2023 issue of American Craft, It was written by Janet Koplos.   This Year it’s being held May 12th, 13th and 14th .  Details at this link minnesota potters  Each location has multiple potters and it’s very cool.  Because of the pandemic the tour has gone virtual this year.  I’m not affiliated with this group but I was able to attend several years ago and have purchased virtually as well.  It’s very cool and a neat way to find some treasures to add to your collection.

Here is the link to the list of the potters as well as the  web stores Minnesota Potters participants or visit their web site Minnesota Potters.  

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