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Keeping on a Theme

Keeping on the theme from the past several weeks here another article and video of how to use paper slip.  It is another way to attach and to repair your pieces.  This comes from Ceramic Arts Daily ( I’ve mention them before).  I will be speaking about all the great things that organization does in a future blog.  Enjoy the link below and use this link to contact me or to sign up for my news letter contact me 

Ceramic Arts Daily Paper Slip

Store Closed Temporarily

As you know after many false alarms with setting the store up and getting it up and running last month.  I’m doing some changes it to make it work even better.  I’ll sent out the date of the restart in my newsletter which you can sign up for here.  Contact me   Also I would like to add that makes it so easy to set up a store you really should use this as your web host.  Full disclosure that is my affiliate link.

Using Format