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Here’s a mailing list that’s full of great ideas and resources, it’s Ceramics Art Daily   They send you tips such as How To Keep Your Wax Brushes Safe and Ready For Use!  They also sell very good books and videos that are very helpful on a wide range of topics.  

Speaking of wax I prefer to use Mark’s Wax On from  Check it out if you are looking for an alternative to traditional wax resist.

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This Weeks News

This week is the annual NCECA (National Council for the Education of the Ceramic Arts)  This year it’s a virtual conference with Rivers Reflection Reinvention as its’  theme.  Register Here   It’s always a great experience and a lot to see and learn from.  I hope when we can go back to having conferences in person they leave a virtual option open so folks who may not be able to make the trip can still take advantage of all the experiences it offers. 

Diamond Core Tools which have a variety of craving/trimming as well as diamond pads is offering a  10% discount during the conference with code DCTNCECA202 .  I am not an affiliate site I just like and use their products.

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Recently the world has seen many disasters of all kinds from hurricanes, 

COVID 19, to most recently power outages and plumbing break downs, and water shortages.   

There is an organization that helps artists from disasters that may effect their incomes.   They also provide information and resources : such as “Studio Protection: The Artist’s guide to Emergencies”  and many more.  

The Organization is CERF+ (CERF PLUS) you may recall they were formally called Craft Emergency Relief Fund.    Please go to their website for resources if you need assistance or would like to make a donation.

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