Ken Horstman Studios

Studio Cleaning

How often is best to clean your studio?   I have seen studios that are so clean you wonder if there is anything being created there.  Others have so much dust you feel like it must be run by Pigpen from Charlie Brown.  Everybody has their own tolerances and ideas.  Some cleaning is relegated by the amount of available space.  With my space I tend to do minor cleanup everyday,  this includes wiping down surfaces and cleaning tools.

At the end of a cycle I add any cleaning of bats, cleaning the wheel, table tops and the sweeping of the floor.  I tend to mop up major spills as they happen or I will mop at the change of every season. (Spring, summer etc..)

Also remember to wear a mask or respirator when cleaning.  

 Use the contact page if you want to share any cleaning ideas and I will put them in a future blog.   see you at the next post.

This Week in the Studio

This week I’m continuing to work on my order of soap dishes and dispensers.  They should show up in my store in the next few weeks.  As the weather is cooling down my firing schedule for the fall and winter months is beginning.  I purchased my soap dispensers from,  It’s a very cool web site selling ceramics such as sinks and pour over coffee  They also sell soap dispensers and the hard to find foaming soap dispensers. So please go check them out.  

  As always check back often and see what’s new at the studio. 

My Website Host Is Format

Hi everybody, in today’s post I would like to talk a little bit about the website host that I use.  With all the choices for a website hosting the reason I decided to go  with Format is a variety of reasons.  

1. I feel its speciality is portfolios and as an artist that’s a big plus.  You can still have a top notch store and a blog but you can set it up as you see fit and what’s important to you and how it’s laid out.

2.  The number of templates and ease of use is tremendous You should be able to see exactly what you’re looking for.

3. Availability of support.  I haven’t had to use them, but when creating your site you can do a checklist to help you create a practice site.  One of items is too click on support and they are right there to help.  You also get some emails just to check in or make you aware of some other services.  

4  Looks great on either on the computer or mobile.

5 Depending which plan you sign up for, Format will create your site for you.

6  Free trial to start  see if you like them.  

7 They have an online magazine that may showcase your site.

8 Links to the major social media sites.

I’m sure I forgot some reasons but I really have enjoyed using Format and creating a professional website with Format.   To let you know I am an affiliate with Format I would appreciate you using the link below to explore Format and what they have to offer.

Using Format