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Slump, Hump Molds Part 2

In my last post I talked about slump, hump molds but I forgot another company that have traditional wooden hump molds Bamboo Tools.  They also have an ingenius slump mold that you can use to make square, rectangular, a mold for hexagon and another for octagon plates.  You can get them in wither a 1 1/4 or 2 1/4 depth.  you can see them here Bamboo Adjustable Molds.

While you are at their website check out their Bamboo adjustable pot gauge perfect for repetition throwing.

I have not used the products from BambooTools and this is not a compensated endorsement.  

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Slump Hump Molds

Slump, hump molds are a great asset to any studio.  Once you understand the process the variety of results are up to you and your imagination. Slump hump molds are different for slip casting molds.  The basics are that in a slump mold you press your clay into a form and a hump mold you press over an object.  Actual you can use any  object for slump, hump old as along as there are not any undercuts and the object can release.  An object of bisque ware or plaster may be least frustrating for those who are just starting out working with slump hump molds.   I have used the slump/hump maker molds from Pure and Simple Pottery.  They are a reusable system to make a variety of slump hump molds.  Here is Brackers Clay demonstrating    Making a Pure and simple mold on You Tube   I have used mid for years. Here is a  You Tube Video from The Ceramic Shop using a hump mold on the wheel  Another use is making a slump mold to recycle clay.  The potter John Britt does as seen in this video John Britt recycling clay.  

Another company that makes molds are GR pottery Forms. use the link.  Check with your local pottery Supplier for the molds they may have available Use the link to go to their website The Ceramic Shop.  

I hope you found this useful and start exploring hump slump molds on your own. 

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Dallas Pottery Invitational

After not being an in person event for a couple of years, The Dallas Pottery Invitational is back.  This is not an event that I participate in other than trying to go each year.  You can always find some nice pieces and the artists are always so welcoming a good time is always assured.  

This year the event runs April 8-10 and is being held at 

The Empire Room

1225N Riverfront Blvd

Dallas Tx 75207

As always there is plenty of free parking and Covid-19 protocols are still in place so this year everyone is required to wear a mask over their nose and mouth.   

More information can be found at WWW.DALLASSPOTTERYINVITATIONAL.COM

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