Ken Horstman Studios

Glaze Testing

Most potters come with a system for testing their glazes,  experimenting with new glazes and the multitude of glaze variations.  there are as many ways to do glaze tests as there are the potters who make them.  After making pots and testing glazes for over forty years I sure have accumulated a lot of test tiles and notes on the test.  Recently I found that making digital images of my glaze tiles and making a data base of them and my notes is a real space saver.  In my data base I cross reference and link color, temperature(cone), ingredients etc… Along with anything else I discover.  It’s a little time consuming in the beginning but once you get started its a time saver as you can search results under a multitude of keywords and saves dulplication. 

Hope this gives you another idea for best studio practices.  if you like to  hear a longer description and an actual entry let me know by contacting me on the contact page.   See you in the  next blog.   

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