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Magic Water Part Three

This is part three in a series about some of the many uses of Magic Water.  Please refer to my blog, Magic Water Part One and Magic Water Part Two for the Recipe(s), a description of what it is and other uses.  They also contain some helpful links.

One of the ways to use Magic Water. Is to add dried and crushed dry from your trimming scraps etc… to your magic water and blend with an immersion blender to your desired thickness.    This liquid can be used for attaching handles etc.. or it can be used as a decorative slip.  It can also be made extra thick by adding more clay and it can be used to make drips on the side of your pots  ( if you want  to know the science behind this just use the contact page to ask me a question.)  You can also add colorants such as Mason Stains or Chemical Oxides  to this slip for a wide variety of results.  I recommend adding the colorants to some magic water before adding to the slip to ensure better blending.

Magic Water is also great for repairing cracks and attaching pieces to greenware as well as leather hard clay.  I find I do have better results with leather hard clay as opposed to greenware.   First get some Magic Water and some Thickened Magic Water Slip.  ( this should be quite thick and may take some practice to get the thickness that works for you and your individual needs)

First take the pieces or crack you want to mend and brush the plain Magic water into the crack while it’s still wet brush the thickened slip over the crack until filled ( do both sides if needed).  Clean up the excess slip with a rib/fettling knife or tool of your preference.  Then as the patch is drying you can carefully burnish the area. this should help hide the crack ( you can skip the burnishing step if you don’t think it’s necessary)   

As with anything it may take some practice to get the results you want.    

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