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Waxing Tip

For years I’ve been using Wax On, Wax Resist From The Ceramic Shop using my Banding wheel or by hand.  It can get to be a bit time consuming so I’ve come up with some waxing hacks that you may fine useful.   

First: I put my pot on my wheel and use my  Giffen Grip to center my pot.

Second: I thin my Wax On with a little water for ease of use for the first coat of wax and then I do a second coat using  the Wax On straight from the bottle.  This ensures an even coat and prevents having to do multiples passes with the thicker wax.   ( If I’m worried of any kind of running from the glaze.  I add little alumina or dry kiln wash to the wax on .  It will not burn off of stick to the glazes, but does need some trial and error to perfect).

Hope you try this method, I’m sure it will work with.  Here are the links again for Wax On from The Ceramic Shop.  Giffen Grip is available from many pottery supply store as well as The Ceramic Shop.    

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